Lian Li Galahad 360 liquid cooler review

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Product showcase

The provided fans are a Lian Li 120 mm model (GF.12F19P.R5080). You’ll receive three of them. The fans have a black, plastic frame with 9 white blades. Anti-vibration pads are provided on the mounting corners, and that’s a nice bonus.


The basic specifications are listed below:

  • Fan Dimensions: 120 x 120 x 25 mm
  • Fan Speed: 800 ~ 1900 RPM +/- 10 %
  • Control Mode: PWM

That’s the theory, but in reality, the range is very similar:



You have to remember that results may vary depending on the fan sample and the motherboard too.



As for the radiator - it’s a slim, aluminium one with many fins, so nothing that would surprise anyone. It’s 397 x 122 x 27 mm, the latter value being the thickness. You can spot a Lian Li name on the side aluminium plate.



As for the pump, the look is great. The central logo can be oriented in 4 directions, an aluminium cover attached to the top part is included, and two different appearance options can be selected.



Two flat cables come out from the side of the block:

  • 1x 3 pin for voltage
  • 1x RGB connector (plugged into the motherboard)



The Galahad 360 uses 400 mm long, flexible sleeved tubing. It’s an adequate length, even for a larger chassis. One last piece of information for this part - you can easily refill the liquid via a port on the edge of the radiator.

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