Kioxia Exceria 960 GB SATA3 SSD review

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Specifications & Features

Specifications & Features

Kioxia is offering three versions of the Exceria SATA3 (240GB, 480GB and 960GB). For endurance, our tested 960GB model has been rated at 240 TBW. So if you write 25 GB each day for a year (that's 9.125 TB per year). On that pace, this SSD could last you 26 Years, 13 years for the 480 GB version, but only 6.6 years for the smallest 240 GB version. Arguably, I'd steer away from the smallest SSD as I would not be comfortable with that endurance rating unless it would reside in a laptop or something.

The series will be fitted with TLC written 3D NAND flash memory (vertically stacked 96-layers). This allows the company to offer the proper storage volumes. So instead of using Planar NAND, 3D NAND is used. 3D TLC NAND is a physical vertical NAND cell stacking not to be confused with chip stacking in a multi-chip package. In 3D NAND, NAND layers, not chips, are stacked in a single IC. The good news is continued cost reduction, smaller die sizes and more capacity per NAND chip. Also, installed NAND toolsets in the wafer fabs can, for the most part, be reused, thereby extending the useful life of fab equipment.  This model is offered with a 3-year warranty (or number of TBW reached). Unfortunately, there is no information available on the controller. Photos indicate an inhouse-design. 


 Pleas note that the 808k IOPS is a typo, that should read 88K :)

As explained on the previous page, there are three series from Kioxia, a quick upgrade version in the SATA3 SSD range, the mainstream Exceria, and then an enthusiast version in the form of an Exceria Plus series, below a quick overview of what SKUs will become available at the corresponding specifications like available volume sizes.


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