Jetway 966PDAG-PB mainboard review

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Jetway 966pdag-pb mainboard review

Jetway 966PDAG-PB
Info: JetwayPrice: 79 EUR / USD

Mainboard this, mainboard that ... Face it, there's a lot of choice in the mainboard segment these days. And while that is good, it's also a tad confusing. Here at Guru3D we serve a rather enthusiastic audience, and that often means that we review the more expensive products.

As an example, go buy yourself an nForce 680i SLI mainboard, and you are out 250 EUR/USD rather quickly. But what if you don't want or can't spend that kind of money? What if you are a regular user with the need for a nice graphics card, a nice processor and good memory? What if you don't need SLI, dual GigE Ethernet, diagnostic LEDs or the need for an uber-overclock? Now, what if you just want a really fast mainboard without all the nifty features?

Look no further, I found the perfect mainboard for you and guess what? It's not 250$, not 150$, not even 100$. Nope, you can pick it up for 79 bucks and still get the same performance as that 680i mainboard!

Hey all, and welcome to a mainboard review from the guys at Jetway. A while ago they released the 966PDAG-PB Jetway INTEL G965 + ICH8 based mainboard that comes with a good feature set, and really offers good performance. Now despite the 80 bucks this mainboard costs, it still has a couple of extras as well, what about two x16 PCI-Express slots? And no surely you can't run SLI from them, but ATI's Crossfire mid-range segment products shouldn't be an issue. Or what about the fact that this mainboard is 100% passively cooled? No annoying fans can be found on it. GigE Ethernet present, full Core 2 Duo support present, eight-channel audio,  present ..

Doesn't sound all bad for roughly 80 bucks, huh? Next page please.


Jetway 966pdag-pb mainboard review

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