Intel Core i5-10600K processor review

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Overclocking on air

As always we tried to overclock the processor. It certainly is doable but proper liquid cooling is recommended. The processor did not tweak as high as hoped. We got the processor stable at 5000 MHz all-core with a vcore of 1.35V~1.45. 


This resulted in a Cinebench score of 3809 points, roughly 5 percent higher than the 3605 points that the processor reaches on stock settings. The heat production was considerable, running to 81 Degrees C on LCS. This processor does have a soldered heatspreader, which in theory should ensure a much better heat transfer compared to thermal interface material.


One thing you do have to take into consideration is that once you overclock, the processor energy consumption jumps up swiftly and fast. Once you start to overclock, the heat signature changes rapidly and we're passing 80 Degrees. We maxed out at 5000 MHz.


Under pure and solely CPU load we now hit close to 285 Watts of power consumption for the entire PC coming from 179 Watts at defaults.

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