Intel 530 SSD review

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SSD Performance HD Tune PRO

HD Tune Pro 4.5

HD Tune Pro is a hard disk utility and benchmarking utility for Windows. This tiny application allows you to scan your hard drives for errors or take a deeper look at several performance figures coming from the storage unit.


First off, a file test. We fire off 64MB of data comprising out of sizes ranging from 0.5 KB to 8 MB. Check it out. As you can see once we pass 32KB file size, the drive kicks in hard, already pushing 300MB/sec. Maximum peak writes are nearing 475MB/sec write while touching 500 MB read peaks.


In HDTune above we average out roughly 403 MB/sec on sequential reads. That's very good for this particular test. 


Write performance above then, once we start to measure write performance we see that figures reach a continued write performance, averaging out at an average of 403 MB/sec. That is impressive.


HD Tune Pro allows random access read and write testing, a feature not available in other software tools. Check out the 1MB READ performance topping 502 MB/sec. That is again impressive.


Overall remarkable write IOPS performance as well. We get 418/sec on the 1MB files. Although explained a little arbitrary, each second this drive can write say 418JPEG files with a size of 1 MB, per second

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