Inno3D GeForce GTX 770 iChill HerculeZ X3 Ultra review

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Product Showcase

Product Showcase


If we rotate the card and look at the backside. The Herculez X3 design comes with a backlate that shields the PCB. On top there is a metal bar preventing the card from bending while hanging horizontally in a PC chassis. We can see two SLI connectors, so in theory four cards in quad-SLI GPU mode are supported. Quad SLI however is difficult and often a maze of driver problems, Nvidia has never really recommended and actively supported quad-SLI. But for a handful of benchmarks and sheer e-peen, it will work OK'ish. We really recommend to go with a maximum of 2 maybe three cards.


Each GeForce GTX 770 will have a maximum power design of 230 Watts, but they are made to overclock as well. This card is using one 150W 8-pin PEG and one 75W 6-pin (PCI EXpress Graphics) connector. Another 75 to 150 Watts is delivered though the PCI slot and thus motherboard. 


Here we see the card installed on our test bench. Looking good ! Once activated a bright LED light up the card on the top side.


So overall you are going to witness some pretty interesting stuff in the upcoming days. That's it for this photo-shoot though. We need to tell you a tale or two about the GPU and the architecture. Let's march onwards.


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