Hyte Y40 chassis review

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Product Showcase - Exterior

 Product Showcase - Exterior


The chassis makes an excellent first impression, as it’s a fresh-looking, mid-sized tower. It resembles the Lian Li O11 series, but rather in a general concept. It is made of a steel structure with a two-panel design (in Y60, there were three). The left side panel is tempered glass, clean, and without visible mounting screws.



The opposite side panel is steel, with several L-shaped cutouts/vents. The overall quality is excellent. The following motherboard form factors are supported:

  • ATX
  • uATX,
  • mini ITX,

It’s a mid-size chassis, measuring 439 × 240 × 472 (L×W×H which amounts to 49.7 l of volume. The case is stable even without the hardware.



The front has a design with a glass panel.



The same type of vent as on the side is found on the top.



You can pull it off to reveal a mounting bracket for two 140 or three 120 mm fans. You can use this space for a 280 or 360 mm AIO (the radiator would be attached underneath, on the interior ceiling). The radiator is attached to the fans underneath the interior roof in such a setup.



On the underside, HYTE has placed two removable covers that act as a dust filter for the one 120 mm fan on the floor (140 mm would also fit) and the PSU. It pulls the air into the case through the bottom.

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