Hitman Absolution VGA Graphics performance review

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In-game screenshots


In-game screenshots

Hitman Absolution is built on the new Glacier 2 game engine, and will have variable system requirements. This is the 5th game in the Hitman series, and the first to be built on the new Glacier 2 engine, made by developer IO Interactive.


I have always loved the Hitman games. Their open-world approach to assassination and action was always so clever and smart, not to mention full of player choice.


One thing that is that the game really looks nice. The Glacier engine, at HIGH or Ultra, pushes out some great textures and lighting, and the environmental effects really make for some atmospheric and immersive level design.


Visually Absolution simply is very impressive once you hit the Chinatown level, it is populated with heaps of fully animated characters, food carts full of boxes of rendered 3D ingredients, and well-modeled and textured statues lining the street.


Hitman: Absolution is a much more active game than past installments, and IO has given you the tools to do work within that environment. 47′s basic skill set should be familiar to fans of the series. It’s fair to say that Hitman video-games are well known for their surreal story lines. It’s no different in Absolution, where Agent 47 finds himself tasked with one of the hardest assignment of his life.


This is just the beginning of a series of bizarre events. There are many twists to keep players hooked. However, at times it feels like it’s so preoccupied with being stylish, that some parts of the story are not so easily understood. Hitman: Absolution offers a thrilling experience that proves Square Enix is taking good care of Agent 47.

But let's have a look at PC graphics card performance.

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