HIS Radeon HD 6990 Crossfire review

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DX11: Colin McRae DiRT 2

DX11: Colin McRae DiRT 2

Codemasters took advantage of DirectX 11 features to add some more realism to the racing environment. You'll notice an improved representation of water with the help of displacement mapping and other surfaces, as well as complex crowd animations which are tessellated for richer detail.

Image Quality setting:

  • Baja Iron Route 1
  • 8x Anti-Aliasing
  • 16x Anisotropic Filtering
  • All settings maxed out

Currently the chart shows most DX11 class cards available on the market today, so there you go. We measured with DX11 tessellation activated and applied 8x Anti Aliasing. Again very snazzy performance, but also here we can notice a little CPU limitation.

At 1920x1200 the four GPUs definitely hit CPU limitation, A higher resolution would have scaled better, much better actually. But still this is 8xAA @ 1920x1200, the most preferred and used monitor resolution next to 1920x1080.

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