HIS Radeon 6770 ICEQX Turbo Crossfire review

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Final words and conclusion


Final words and conclusion

The Radeon HD 6770 really is the Radeon 5770 and as such it is disappointing to see the product silently being re-launched as if it where something new. It's the same performance, it's the same features. That said, the board partners are trying to be a little creative with it. HIS is a good example that, they overhauled the card into a better looking design, they factory clocked it faster then reference and topped it off with the latest revision of the ICEQX cooler. And that works out well for them.

HIS Radeon HD 6770 ICEQ Turbo Crossfire

The card remains virtually silent card even during hefty gaming. HIS also tops of the 100 EUR product with a full copy of Colin McRae DiRT 3 and that brings some more value to the product alright. The game download process however is a little annoying, See you receive a coupon, then need to register at AMD, then fill out questions and then you receive a code which you can use at Steam where you can finally enter and download the game. That entire AMD registration thing needs to be booted right into the sky as it just is downright annoying.

So the Radeon HD 6770. We are now in 2011 and for the latest games one R6770 is barely enough for the more modern DX11 titles. Hence we wanted to look into Crossfire performance. Admittedly, for 200 EUR you will be in the same region and playing field as one Radeon HD 6970, and that's not bad really. For the bigger DX11 titles with huge textures and image quality settings the R6970 will be a better choice as it has 2GB of graphics memory assigned to the GPU whereas the two GB you have available for the 6770 in Crossfire has 1GB per GPU available which is 128-bit as well. But for a 100 EUR price difference in  favor of the R6770 CFX, well... I'd prolly opt the latter choice. So yeah the CrossfireX performance bring the two HIS R6770 ICEQ Turbo cards roughly to the performance of the Radeon HD 6970, and that's not bad really.

Overall the R6770 remains a decent entry-level graphics in the sub-100 EUR market. Really, I'm not happy about the GPU respin from AMD as literally it is just the name was changed from 5770 to 6770, but at a lower price versus the product we have in hands today, we can't complain either.guru3d-recommended_150px.jpg

HIS did a good job with the overall design and cooling solution, the factory overclock could have been a tad more spicy but other then that we have very little to complain. If a 100 EUR is all you can spend on a decent entry-level graphics card, this might be your thing and as such we can still recommend it but the Juniper core is steadily getting too slow for the latest DX11 titles. But then again, that's nothing a 2nd card in Crossfire can't solve. We do hope to see lower prices soon though.

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