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Air Cooling for i7 8700K@4.8 GHz 1.3V

Air Cooling for i7 8700K @ 4.8 GHz 1.3V

Here are the LOAD temperatures for the i7 8700K at 4.8 GHz and 1.3V, with the Cryorig R1 Ultimate used as the cooler. OCCT 4.5.1 generated 100% CPU usage with a small data set over 30 minutes. The ambient temperature was give or take 22-23 degrees C. You don’t want the CPU to go above 75-80 degrees at default frequencies, otherwise, you can surely assume that your cooler is doing a very poor job. 

As you can see the Termal Grizzly products are immediately leading the pack, but Prolimatech PK-3, Gelid, Cooler Master Maker and Noctua NT-H2 are very close. There is a 5 degrees temp difference between the best "regular" thermal paste (not the liquid metal like Conductonaut) and Thermaltake TG4 which is quite significant.


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