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Rig of the Month February 2011

Starting July 2011 the winner of the months Rig of the Month will receive an OCZ Technology Vertex 3 120GB SSD delivered for free at it's doorsteps as a nice incentive. OCZ designed the Vertex 3 to push the limits in both sequential and random read/write rates to blaze past the competition when every MB/s matters. With incredible 4k file writes up to 85,000 IOPS, these latest drives take productivity, gaming, and multimedia applications to the next level to work in perfect symmetry with the latest enthusiast platforms. If you like performance, how does Max Reads up to 550MB/s and max Write: up to 500MB/s sound ?

Each month here at we feature one of you guys, your PC, your DIY project. It is quite honestly amazing how much detail and dedication you put into an PC, and every now and then it really shows. This months entry drowns in its design, with even LCS tubing sleeved. For 2011 we upped the prize that you can win a little.

The Rig of the Month September 2011 is straightforward, uncomplicated but downright nicely done. Tannus Cassius who transformed one PC into something very shiny and glossy looking with very little modding actually.

Would you like to have your PC published? Check out the lower half of this landing page and read what is required.

Meet the Guru3D rig of the month winner:

1. What is your name / nickname /age / occupation?

My name is Tannus Cassius. I live in Brazil. I am 33 years old. I don't have nickname and work for the government.

Rig Of The Month Guru3D

2. What did you first come here for?

I was searching the internet about watercooling and found the site. I was impressed with the outstanding cases. What motivated me to try to build a case in the same style.

3. What do you mainly use the system for?

I normally use for internet, work, games, movies, etc. Everything possible.

  Rig Of The Month Guru3D

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