Guru3D and OCZ Contest - PC Power 1200W PSU Giveaway

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Guru3D and OCZ Contest - PC Power 1200W PSU Giveaway Contest

Guru3D and OCZ Technology up to get you some cool hardware. 

Guru3D and OCZ joing forces and decided to get you some cool hardware. OCZ released their Silencer Mk III platinum series, these are all about being quiet, being awesome and very efficient and again, the PSU carries a Platinum certification. To try and win a free 1200 Watt model you need to participate, all you need  to do is Like our Facebook page (if you haven't already) and leave a comment in the facebook thread. Good Luck!

Silencer Mk III 1200W

The 1200W PSU is massive in performance, the one massive 99.5A 12-volts says it all really. Excellent for multi-GPU solutions and hardcore overclockers. The PSU is engineered with merely premium components, including Japanese 105°C capacitors and heavy-duty protection circuitry's. 

Platinum certified means it's 92% efficient at 50% load. Efficiency matters; years ago PSUs were as low as 70% efficient, meaning that 30% of the used power simply vanishes, whilst you are paying for it on that electricity bill. If your components eat away 500W then with that 70% efficient product you'd actually use 650W. With today's Silencer Mk III 1200 Watt Platinum you'd be using 540W. The math is that simple.

The PSU itself is modular for the bigger part (aside from primary ATX leads and cables), for most of you with a side panel window in their chassis a must really as you'll want modular cables. The Mk III 1200W also sports a new Dual Thermal Control System, a sophisticated operation that allows the PSU to switch between normal and silent mode seamlessly. The new PSU also improved on the audibility front as it comes with a switch, enabled it and up-to 600 Watt (!) the fan will remain disabled and at that load your PSU merely lukewarm.

If you like to learn more about this product, you can read our review here or visit OCZ here.

 Silencer Mk III 1200W

The Contest

To participate, you need to "Like" our Facebook page (if you haven't already) and leave a comment in the OCZ PSU Contest thread on facebook, we want top know why you need a 1200 Watt Platinum certified power supply.

Click here to LIKE and comment. It is the 'Guru3D and OCZ Contest - PC Power 1200W PSU Giveaway' item specifically. 

For a better chance bit of good luck, hit the comments in that Facebook thread and tell us why you feel you should be the rightful new owner of this fantastic product. If your story is original enough, who knows, it might very well shift the odds in your favour

Guru3D will collect both LIKE and comment results. Say we have 2000 proper results then we select one person. One lucky person will get the product shipped to you for free (worldwide). 



  • All entries must be in by May 10th, 2013
  • One entry per person is allowed.
  • There will be no dialog about this contest possible before and after closure.
  • We'll announce the winners in week 2 or 3 of May 2013 on our frontpage.
  • The prize is including 7 years product warranty (!).
  • Employees of, OCZ and other relevant parties that participate in the contest are excluded from participation.
  • By participating in a contest you grant permission to for the non-exclusive use of your submission in the context of that contest, or in its natural continuation for promotional or other purposes on and elsewhere. "Use" here means complete or partial reproduction, publication, or distribution.
  • If applicable reserves the right to collect personal data for its contests. This information will used inrelation to the particular contest, example: for selecting the contest winner and then communicating with the winner(s). After the end of the contest all personal data is deleted.

The winner will be announced on the FrontPage the after the contest closes. Our thanks go out to OCZ for their support in hardware for this contest.

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