Guru3D NVMe Thermal Test - the heatsink vs. performance

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Testing methodology

Testing methodology

Here are the specs of the PC used for the tests:


  • Asus ROG Maximus Z690 Apex


 Graphics Cards


CPU cooler

Power Supply Unit



We will test the drive in a typical case, in the M.2 slot between the CPU and VGA card,

As a reminder, the used drives will be:

And the cooling options are as follows:

The room (ambient) temperature is kept at 22-23 degrees Celsius. You’ll see the performance figures and the temperatures using each cooler. The used scenarios will be:

  • Copying of the large file
  • Crystal Disk Mark – 5 cycles
  • AS SSD Benchmark - 5 cycles

Run directly one after another, without a cooldown period. Let’s head to the start of the contestants’ presentation, shall we?

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