G.Skill Enki 360 LCS liquid cooler review

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Final Words & Conclusion


The reviewed LCS kit performed really good, and handled both tested processors, including the Core i9 9900K at 5 GHz, even with the increased voltage. The 120 mm fans are quiet, also at the idle (to have full comfort, we suggest decreasing the pump rpm to a minimum, which doesn’t hurt the performance much, only by about 1-1.5 degrees under load). At fans maximum rpm, the cooler gets very loud (2100 rpm), but it shouldn’t be necessary to go so high in most situations. It’s also possible to set a less noisy fan curve – silence is always desired (well, at least by most typical users). We also checked the attached thermal paste; it did really well for a bundled solution.    



Aesthetics & Design

The Enki 360 looks nice. The LEDs are placed only on the pump head and are discreet. The tubes are sleeved, they bend quite well, and additionally, they’re long enough (42 cm) even for larger systems. Installation is not time-consuming. It’s rather easy, so most (or all) users should manage without any problems (as it's similar to the other solutions used in the competitor's solutions). As for the AMD system, it was effortless as well. The unit's quality is good, but on the other side, there's not too much that makes the unit stand out from the crowd.




The Verdict

The G.Skill Enki 360 costs 179.99 USD. We think that it’s a rather reasonable offer, and worth the money. If you are looking for a liquid cooler with (rather discreet) RGB functionality for the pump, you might want to consider the G.Skill Enki 360. You also have the 240 and 280 mm variants to choose from, so you can easily find a good fit for your system. The performance is good, excellent, and even the idle noise levels are more than satisfactory. It could have been a bit quieter under load, but you can fix that with a good fan curve. The Enki 360’s pump design with the (discreet) RGB lighting makes this product an appealing offer (but some may miss the RGB on the fans). The cables are long enough, and that’s not to be taken for granted. The provided thermal paste did well (pre-applied, and you also get a spare tube), and the differences vs. the Kryonaut were not really significant (about 1-2 degrees). We recommend lowering the pump rpm if you want silent idle operation (and this decrease won't hurt the performance too much). There’s a 5-year warranty here as well. On the other side, it’s strange that there’s no Y-Splitter for the fans, and if not, fan hub is supplied, then it’s a huge miss. Putting all these things together, we can surely approve this product for the whole package, and G.Skill is on a good path to attracting a multitude of customers (associating the company only with the RAM kits till this moment). 

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