Gigabyte Aorus B450 I Pro Wifi review

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Benchmarks: Memory

Performance System Memory: Memory Read Test

We test with a G.Skill FlareX kit at 3200 MHz CL14, a very much recommended kit for the AMD Ryzen platform as it has been received full BIOS support. You simply enable the 3200MHz profile in the BIOS and the system will boot right into Windows with the adjusted memory timings. In this day and age, we give the AMD Ryzen platform the advantage of 3200 MHz memories. We do the same for Intel. We moved all processor testing to 3200 MHz DDR4, both for AMD and Intel for fair play. 




The new B450 / Ryzen 2000 combo at 3200 MHz CL14 memory will show roughly ~48K reads and writes. However, and this has been a topic of much discussion.




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