Gigabyte Aorus AC300W ATX Mid-Tower review

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Let's get this review started. First off, packaging, so you know what to look for in the stores of course. At the moment of writing, we noticed you'll be hard-pressed to find one though -- only limited batches will be released at first.


The AC300W is packaged in two Styrofoam blocks and protected with plastic stickers and a plastic bag preventing it from damage during transport. Our chassis arrived in good condition. 


Once unpacked you get a first impression of what the chassis is all about. Keywords are see-through side panel glass left side with meshes and proper fan locations. The chassis base is metal with plastic accents. The right side panel is a metal panel, the left side (we'll show it on the next page) reveals a plexi panel. The front gives a brushed alu feel with Aorus logo. This is a panel, not a door that can be opened. E.g. you cannot mount any optical units here. One of the more hip features is the ability to install a graphics card vertically using an included supplied bracket along with the dedicated slots at the back. However, no PCI-Express riser cable included.

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