Gigabyte GeForce GTX 760 review

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Product Showcase

Product Showcase

Alright... pretty pictures time! A couple of pages with photos then and most of it from our own photo-shoot :)


So as you can see, Gigabyte's GeForce GTX 760 is looking a lot like the other WindForce SKUs from Gigabyte, a similarly fashioned cooler is being used, that I might add is very silent. The card is using an updated WindForce 3x dual-slot cooler which uses three silent 80mm fans. The aluminum radiator covers the VRM and even memory area. The radiator is tied to three 8mm heat-pipes. As a result, under full load this card manages to stay at roughly 60 degrees C in our testing. Absolutely impressive. 


With the GeForce GTX 760 you will receive four display connectors, you'll spot a full size Display Port connector, one full size HDMI connector and two DVI connectors (dual-link). You can combine these connectors to setup a surround view (multi-monitor) setup. One card will give you more than sufficient performance to play your games on three monitors.

To date we still receive this question a lot, but dual-link DVI does not mean you can hook up two monitors to one connector. Dual-link means double the signal, that way monitor resolutions over 1920x1200 can be supported or you could use a 120Hz monitor. So explained very simply, dual-link DVI supports high-resolution (above 1920x1200) or high-refresh rate (120Hz) monitors.


Gigabyte offers this OC edition 2GB WindForce edition factory clocked for you at 1085 MHz (Ref 980) with a Boost clock of 1150 MHz (Ref 1033). And as our article will show later on, there's room for tweaking as we got this puppy running stable at 1300 MHz on the boost frequency. The card is 10.5 Inches in length which is like 27 cm for those that like and reside in the Metric system.

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