GeForce GTX 1070 2-way SLI review

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DX11: FCAT Frame Experience Analysis Far Cry Primal

Far Cry Primal Frame Experience Analysis


Above, the percentile chart of 31 seconds gaming @ 2560x1440. Here we plot FPS and place it in relation to percentiles.

  • GTX 1070 SLI - 50% of the time measured frames is doing roughly 80  FPS, so that is the average framerate (higher = better).


At 1440P the scaling hardly kicks in, latency differences is what we are after. As you can see there's abit more going on with SLI alright, nothing major enough to notice though. With this chart, lower = better. Huge spikes above 40 ms to 50 ms can be considered a problem like a stutter or indicate a low framerate.


All cards show minor glitches here so it is game engine rendering related. We still need to re-do the 1080 SLI benchmarks BTW. Overall this is very good for any card.

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