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3 - Galaxy GeForce 9600 GT 512MB 'Silent Heatpipe' edition

Galaxy GeForce 9600 GT 512MB 'Silent Heatpipe' edition

Okay, so first off. That's a bit of an asinine name: "Silent heatpipe edition." I'd probably have called it the uber-silencer or something. Hey it doesn't make any noise ... market it :)

Anyway, for roughly the price of the regular GeForce 9600 GT you can buy the Silent heatpipe edition, and that is pretty good.

Silent Heatpipe obviously refers to the dual-slot passive heatpipe cooler which we'll show you a bit later in the photo-shoot. Galaxy will set the core frequency at default reference speeds for you. With passive cooling, which will run much warmer; it's the wise thing to do.

It's all about the cooler, other than this you can expect a reference based graphics card with dual-slot design. Packaging and box contents; included in the box you'll find:

  • GeForce 9600 GT 512 MB passively cooled
  • Driver CD
  • HDTV block (3-way RCA component)
  • SVideo cable
  • 6-pin to Molex power cable
  • manual / quick install guide
  • VGA->DVI dongle

Lacking is a HDMI converter which in this era is a no-go in my eyes. Next to a small overclocking / monitoring suite called Xtreme tuner, there is no additional software to be found. What I do like though is that we see a custom PCB (printed circuit board), a blue one at that, and good details like a voltage regulator cooling heatsink.

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