GeForce 8800 GT MAX with 1024 MB review

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1 - A VVikoo introduction

vvikoo GeForce 8800 GT MAX 1024 MB

GeForce 8800 GT MAX with 1024MB memory
Info: vvikoo.comPrice: 259 EUR

vvikoo GeForce 8800 GT MAX 1024 MBOkay, how many of you guys have ever heard of a company called VVIKOO; raise your hand please. Seriously none of you ? Aah my man I do not blame you as they are a really new company who is slowly surfacing in the graphics arena. I officially announce this vendor with the most difficult to remember name, ever. Seriously, mid review (writing), I had to check two times on the box to remember the name. If you have a hard time trying to remember the name here's a hint .. Video Core .. VICOOO, hmm ?

VVIKOO is a graphics card company which sells both NV & ATI cards from mainstream to high-end level, the company is based in France (Creteil) where they started earlier last year, well at least their sales team. They recently released their GeForce 8800 GT products in (r)etail and quite honestly, they are doing that properly by releasing this product customized. We'll peek at their more fashionable product in the GeForce Line-up, their GeForce 8800 GT MAX; which comes with custom PCB, custom Zalman cooler and get this 1 GB of GDDR3 memory.

Judging from something we recognized we think VVIKOO teamed up with Palit (huge video card producer) to bring their customers cost-effective, high quality solutions. By all means do not expect a re-branded product in a different box, no they enforce strong quality control and as I already stated; do a lot of customization. It's the West Coast customs close to Paris ;)

The product tested today sells under the brand name GeForce 8800GT MAX and certainly is not your usual 8800GT. The first thing that catches one's eye is the non-reference setup with the residing all-copper Zalman cooler (VF1000); a dual-slot design and includes a really weird purple PCB color.

Let's have a closer look and then dive into the full review .. next page please.

vvikoo GeForce 8800 GT MAX 1024 MB

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