G.Skill TridentZ RGB DDR4 memory review

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RGB LED Control

RGB LED Control

So as you guys know, this memory has heaps of RGb functionality harbored in it. And that works out well. Currently is is a sure fact that the memory RGB LEDs can be configured with a future update of ASUS AURA and compatible motherboards. G.Skill also is working on a software suite themselves.

G.Skill refuses to comment on how exactly the software communicates with the RGB LED strips. It isn't wireless, you do not need to connect any cables hence communication is simply a matter of signal processing over the DDR4 slot similar to the system reading out your SPD profiles.

That software suite still is in development, G.Skill asked us to not show any screen-shots hence we will respect that. We however have received the application and tested it in its early beta stage. It works well and actually is quite impressive. Our build only supported Z170 and Z270 motherboards hence we used  it on an MSI Z270 motherboard. Configuration wise you will be able to program / configure each DIMM separately. You will have plenty of options and features. LEDs ON/OFF, One Static color say Red for all DIMMs or Red for DIMM 1 and 2 and blue for say DIMM 3 and 4. 

Obviously there is a large number of animations available as well. Since we cannot show the software just yet, we however can show you some of the effects. I recorded some of the effects in the video below. Have a peek of what you may expect once the RGB utility is released or embedded in ASUS AURA software. All effects and animations are preliminary, I have no idea what will be included into the final software tool.

In the above video you can see me cycling through a number of colors and animations. The current state of the software already is pretty advanced. 

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