G.Skill RipJaws SR910 7.1 channel headset review

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Final words and conclusion

Final words and conclusion

Now, as with pretty much all our headset reviews we start by stating clearly that audio is subjective -- so for a reviewer that's a large big grey area that you need to try and describe. It's loaded with subjective perceptions and what we 'feel' is good / bad combined with technical facts. That makes it very difficult to review, as I for example am more of an audiophile opposed to somebody that needs a headset for hardcore gaming with amplified sounds like gun triggers in the background to give them that competitive advantage.

Changes - Comfort and Audio Quality

Looking back at the SR910 leaves me with mixed feelings. I think I now understand as to why there are so little real multi-channel headphones to be found. They are complicated to tweak as music is 2-channel with often a virtualized layer, then you jump to 5.1 for a movie and 7.1 in gaming. The overall generic listing experience is OK, I do think that this headset needs quite a bit of tweaking before sounding right. Then once you have your EQ setup and alter something on the external control pod then boom, everything is weird again. As such the SR910 is one of these headphones that needs to be tweaked to detail, and then you should never touch the settings again once done. The SR910 is a little heavier opposed to headset with two driver, for the cheer fact that this model comes with ten of them. That extra weight is not bothersome as this is a very comfortable headset to wear. The adjust-ability of the headband and pivoting action of the ear cups ensures they should provide a proper fit for just about anyone. The ear pads are made of leather-like fiber and are very soft and comfortable.

The sound quality is good in gaming and movies, but on the lacks with music. But again, this is a gamers headset, not an audiophile one.


So while this is not an audiophile-quality headset. It however certainly is a good enough headset just above the 125 USD marker. Gaming wise the true multi-channel configuration can really help you out in say games like Counter Strike (you could hear noises in the background which can be an enemy trying to sneak up on you). So that true 7.1 design will bring you a competitive advantage in hefty FPS gaming where precision is needed inside that audio spectrum. The overall volume with 10 drivers is loud enough, so loud that it can easily damage your ears. 





As you can see I am struggling a bit little with the Ripjaws SR910. Looking at this set from an audiophile quality level I would/could not recommend it as 7.1 does not make sense there. Especially is listening to music is your thing then there is better gear out there. Where the headset does make sense, and again after being tweaked, for movies it kicks the proverbial ass as the headset really excels there thanks to near LFE like subwoofer experiences. We have to acknowledge the fact that this is a true gaming headset, and there it works really well. The audio envelope is sharp enough, once tweaked it can thump in explosions and offers plenty of bass. Obviously with 7.1 audio channels you will have an advantage over the competitor in your FPS game, as you can really hear people moving behind you or sneak up on you. Increasing the volume of say the rear and side noises can make you very aware of the enemy closing in on you (but also can deafen you when a grenade explodes in close proximity hehe).

The overall wear-comfort is really good, the MIC sounds clear, and with a little EQ tweakage the sound will most be tweaked to your liking and preferences. For music videos and audio in combo with the EQ, the surround mode the headset works so-so. But for movies and gaming it really is a very decent headset. Overall G.Skill offers a comfortable, good looking and affordable true 7.1 channel headset. It is not yet home free from critique as on the music playback front there is a lot left to improve, mostly bass released. For movies and gaming however we feel the headset is pretty darn okay and as such comes recommended for gamers and movies buffs.

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