G.Skill Phoenix PRO 120GB SSD review

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SSD Performance HD Tune PRO | AS SSD Benchmark


HD Tune Pro 4.5

HD Tune Pro is a hard disk utility and benchmarking utility for Windows. This tiny application allows you to scan your hard drives in search for errors or take a deeper look at several performance figured coming from the storage unit.

G.Skill Phoenix SSD

In HDTube we average out roughly 200MB/sec, okay performance could be a tad snappier,  not up-to par to what you'd expect. It's a little relative to this test though. Your Average HDD would do 45-65 MB/sec here, with a WD VelociRaptor topping is off just over 100~120 MB/sec.

G.Skill Phoenix SSD

Write performance, we know that the 34nm NAND memory is slightly slower. Once we start to measure write performance we see figures reach a continued write performance averaging out at roughly 163 MB/sec. Again a little bit on the low side for a SF1200 product. We see this behavior a lot on SandForce based products and this test suite.

G.Skill Phoenix SSD

The latest edition of HD Tune Pro allows random access read and write testing, a feature not available in other software tools. And this is certainly interesting to observe as that is just lovely performance.

G.Skill Phoenix SSD

Overall good write IOPS performance. We get 23MB/sec on 4KB files returned. Could be a tad better, but not bad.


AS SSD Benchmark

Newly added to the benchmark suite is this nice little German application called AS SSD Benchmark. This test gives a extensive result set. The test however is and will be popular for it's 4k file size read/write results.

G.Skill Phoenix SSD

Nothing to compare to just yet but we did ran some other tests with other SSDs and performance is up0-to speed alright. Excellent 4K file write performance.

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