FSP Hydro G Pro 1000W (ATX 3.0, 1000W PSU) review

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Product interior showcase

Product interior showcase  

After removing the top of the case, we can see the following:


We can see a 120 mm fan - Protechnic Electric (MGA12012XF-O25). It’s a Fluid Dynamic Bearing Fan fan running 12V DC, 0.52A.




Coming from ‘Nippon Chemicon is a well-recognized and highly reputable 100% Japanese manufacturer of capacitors. FSP’s PSUs provide high reliability, and that’s why they offer an excellent 10-year warranty. Rated to 105C, this is precisely what you want to see in any good quality PSU.


Without cables, the unit weighs 1.71 kg.


Inside, there are mainly high-end Japanese capacitors. The soldering quality is good.


FSP has made a platform for its Hydro G series products. The APFC MOSFETs are 2x Infineon IPA60R120P7 (600V, 16A @ 100°C, Rds(on): 0.12Ohm), with Infineon ICE2PCS02G APFC Controller. There’s also Champion CM6901T2X Resonant Controller.



On the secondary side, there's a Weltrend WT7527RA supervisor IC, and 6x Infineon BSC014N04LSI (40V, 123A @ 100°C, Rds(on): 1.45mOhm) +12V MOSFETs. There is also the standby PWM controller, 97CL2N13.

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