Fractal Torrent Nano mITX chassis review

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Final Words & Conclusion

Final Words & Conclusion

The new Torrent Nano series look fantastic, performs silent (in the default 180mm fan config), and offer plenty of airflow for even the most high-end components. The build is great, albeit some mistakes do need to be noted. The PSU compartment at the top can hold an ATX design PSU, and that really is fantastic however cable space left to tuck away is in short supply, you'll very quickly more the HDD tray in favor of cable space. The reality is that anyone these days uses SSDs mostly, so for most, not an issue. The guys and gals that need something small and sexy for that function as a net-top, HTPC or the coolest looking NAS/file server ever. are in for a treat though When mounted with high-end processors and the enthusiast-class graphics card you'll not run into airflow issues. You can fans or an LCS as well.  Now, due to space constraints, we do recommend LCS on the CPU. Please choose 240mm as max, as otherwise, you'll quickly need to compromise. On the front side you'd lose that great 180mm fan, and at the bottom 280mm is just impossible to install with that 180mm fan at the front side. You won't have that problem with a 240mm solution.  Fact remains that if you can find a Mini ITX motherboard with a fast enough processor then really there's nothing holding you back to create a more powerful beast thanks to the fact you can insert a high-end graphics card even.

So is it any good?

The inside of the chassis serves its purpose, which is to provide an environment for the components. In general, the tiny chassis provides adequate space for the Mini-ITX motherboard, an ATX power supply, and reasonable storage options (although who doesn't utilize M.2 SSD storage with a high-end PC these days?). Additionally, as seen in the article, you can install a high-end dedicated graphics card up to ~32cm. Another point to make is that cable management at the top side PSU area will be a mess in the chassis due to the fact that you will be difficult to route things appropriately. However, because it is a closed top side chassis, nobody will see the tangle of cables. To ensure that everything works well, we strongly recommend a modular power supply with a maximum length of 15/16cm.





Personally, I believe the appearance is excellent. Additionally, you have a choice of colors and tempered glass finishes. Yes, the appearance is quite elegant; it's a small box with a modern finish. Although taste is subjective, the word I frequently use to describe Fractal Design PC cases is 'subtle.'  There are no loud logos, LEDs, or clashing colors. Design is executed flawlessly, but once again... taste varies by individual, making this a subjective grade.

The noise and airflow

The Torrent Node is basically one big mesh, the front, bottom, and rear sides will make sure things are well ventilated. The included 180mm fan offers really proper performance, and if kept up to 5 Volts (which is plentiful for most conditions) it's very silent as well. At 100% RPM much like any fan, it'll get noisy. But with a correct fan profile, you can make this chassis nearly inaudible, and that is a compliment to Fractal Design as remember, this is a Mini ITX design in which everything is cramped.





The Verdict

If you're looking for a stylish compact chassis to house your Mini ITX motherboard that offers flexibility, functions, and outstanding looks, the Fractal Design Torrent Node series certainly delivers. An LCS approach is virtually mandatory. You'll have reasonable options but advised is to place a 240mm nit in the front, and yes, it does look beautiful. However, once again, choose your components carefully as we do recommend an all SSD build as you want some extra cable routing space where the 3.5" bracket (removable) resides. For LCS I recommend 240mm as the biggest size, 280mm will come with compromises, e.g. dropping the included 180mm fan. If you follow these steps, you will have an incredible build though. Pricing will be 120 EUR for the Torrent Nano and add another tenner when going RGB for the fan. If you deem the price is right or warranted then in general, you're looking at a high-quality build; the Torrent Nano is quite strong, equipped with USB 3.2 and a single silent fan. It's certainly one of the more interesting compact chassis we've ever examined in this size albeit not the smallest Mini ITX chassis. The pricing is steep though. 


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