EVGA GeForce GTX 1080 FTW2 review

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The card remains passive up-to a GPU temperature of 60 Degrees C (the fans do not spin up-to that temperature delta). Once the GPU gets hotter, one fan kicks in and inevitably two fans. Since the fans are controlled independently from each other the output noise can be somewhat disharmonic (due to two different RPM levels) to hear.


The card is roughly 10.5 inches in length which is 27 cm so it will need some space inside your chassis alright. Please do make sure it actually fits. For those that wonder, the board is equipped with Micron GDDR5X memory ICs. An advertised 10 phase power supply is responsible for supplying the GP104-400 GPU with power with two added phases for memory.


The backside has a proper back-plate. There are plenty of gaps in there to allow for a bit of airflow for trapped heat to vent away. LEDs are a bit of a trend and like everybody. EVGA follows. Nothing too flashy though as the top side has some LEDs, but more-overly the front-side will lit up as shown below. 



I am not a fan of too many logos with actual text and flashing LED stuff. I'd say this design is okay, but the top side is quite busy to look at. You can control top and front LEDs in RGB color options and values like static/off and a few animations. 




Taste differ per person of course and remains to be an incredibly subjective thing. As stated on page one, there are 9 extra thermal sensors located on the board, we'll talk about that a bit more on the thermal image pages. 

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