Deepcool PQ1000M (1000W PSU) review

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Product interior showcase

Product interior showcase  


We can see a 120 mm fan (an FDB one), and it’s Hong Hua HA1225H12F-Z. Deepcool’s PSUs are built with 100% Japanese capacitors (the primary ones), providing high reliability, and that’s the reason why they offered an excellent, 10-year warranty. 


Without cables, the unit weighs 1.62 kg.



Inside, there are mainly high-end Japanese capacitors. The soldering quality is very good.


Seasonic has made a platform, and it’s a very close one to their Focus Plus Gold product. The APFC MOSFET is an Infineon IPA60R125P6, with a Champion CM6901T6X resonant controller. For the PFC, there is a Champion CM6500UNX controller.



On the secondary side, there's a Weltrend WT7527V supervisor IC.



The PWM controller is an ANPEC APW7159C.

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