Deepcool AS500 air cooler review

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The provided fan is an oversized Deepcool 140 mm model (the mounting has holes like the 120 mm one). The fan has a black, plastic frame with 9 black blades. Anti-vibration pads are provided on the mounting corners, and that’s a nice bonus. The basic specifications are listed below:

  • Fan Dimensions: 140 x 140 x 25 mm
  • Fan Speed: 500 ~ 1200 RPM +/- 10 %
  • Fan airflow: 70.81 CFM
  • Fan noise: ≤29.2dB(A)
  • Control Mode: PWM


That’s the theory, but in reality, the range of useful RPMs is as stated above (it's wider)



As for the radiator - it’s a slim, aluminium one with many fins, so nothing that would surprise anyone. It’s 140×49×159 mm, the latter value being the height.


The quality of the CPU base of the heatsink is sufficient.


The total size of the cooler is 142×98×164 mm. The weight is very surprising as overall it’s 1030 g! That’s a lot for a slim cooler, isn’t it?


There’s some RGB lighting (a bar) on the top. To be able to control it, you need to use the provided cables (for the motherboard) or the bundled controller.

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