Death Stranding: PC graphics performance benchmark review

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VRAM usage and Concluding

Graphics memory (VRAM) usage

How much graphics memory does the game utilize versus your monitor resolution with different graphics cards and respective VRAM sizes? Well, let's have a look at the chart below compared to the three main tested resolutions. The listed MBs used in the chart are the measured utilized graphics memory during our testing. Keep in mind; these are never absolute values. Graphics memory usage can fluctuate per game scene and activity in games. This game will consume graphics memory once you start to move around in-game, memory utilization is dynamic and can change at any time. Often the denser and more complex a scene is (entering a scene with lots of buildings or vegetation, for example) results in higher utilization. With your close to the max "High" quality settings this game tries to stay at a five towards 5~6 GB threshold. We noticed that 4GB cards can have difficulties running the game at our settings. Especially the Radeons.



it has been quite a wait for Death Stranding to reach the PC, and it is an optimized console port at best, but certainly is good doing so. Any graphics card will run this game fine if you match up the display resolution towards the GPU horsepower available. As a game, the title is loved by many, as a game release it also already has been played by many as the console release was ages ago.

That said, it is an original and above all intriguing game. It is a game in which you hardly have to do more than transport freight. So, lugging things from one inhospitable place to another, through wind and weather and through untouched nature. There is always a danger of robbers and the mysterious, but life-threatening BTs. Moreover, the game has a nice form of multiplayer in which players work together almost unnoticed. However, the motion capture of the many well-known actors is the strongest side of the game. There is not much action in Death Stranding, but it is exciting, although the game requires a lot of patience from the player.  We do find that Death Stranding is not a game you want to play twice. The surprising gameplay makes it a very nice adventure the first time. But a second time, if the surprise is off, the many walks really become too much of a good thing. If you have already played the game on a PS4, it is no longer recommended to purchase the PC version. The game easily achieves a stable 30+ fps on a system with the minimum recommended specifications, which are also not exceptionally high. The makers also clearly focus on 1080p / 30fps, which is not surprising for such a game, which is made for the current generation of consoles.

Therefore many had high hopes for extra eye-candy in the form of Raytracing or something. all that didn't happen. You can make the game run faster and sharper with DLSS 2.0, but that's it. As stated the game already runs remarkably well in terms of average framerates as well, it is a console port. Being that, a port you will not have the burden to purchase a high-end graphics card, any mainstream graphics card with at least a preferable 6GB or thumbs up 8GB graphics memory will get the job done. 


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