Core i9 13900K DDR5 7200 MHz (+memory scaling) review

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Performance - DDR5 System Memory

Performance System Memory: Memory Read Test

For our memory tests, we will be focusing on three main areas: copy, write, and latency. DDR5 is known for its high memory bandwidth, but the average CL40 latency can be quite significant. In our previous reviews, we have used kits with a CL38 latency and even a 6000 MHz CL36 kit. The kit we are reviewing today is rated at 7200 MHz with a CL34 latency. This suggests that it should have lower latency and therefore better performance than kits with higher latencies. We will be comparing the performance of this kit against other kits with different latencies to see if this holds true in our testing.



Above: 7200 MHz CL34


Above: 6000 MHz CL36


Above: 4800 MHz CL36


Above: 3600 MHz CL18 DDR4

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