Dark Power Pro 1000 Watt PSU review

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Listan BeQuiet Dark power Pro 1000 Watt PSU review

Dark Power Pro 1000 Watt Power Supply

Manufacturer: Listan
Product ID: BQT P6 PRO-1000WPrice: 289 USD/EUR incl VAT
Info: website

Listan BeQuiet Dark power Pro 1000 Watt PSU reviewEnergy consumption of our PC's has grown massively over the past year or two. We went from PC's that consume roughly 300-350 Watts towards gaming rigs with dual or quad core GPU based graphics cards, dual and quad core processors, multiple drives, tweaked and overclocked rigs and so on and so on.

So a year or two ago, if I told you that Kilowatt PSU's where up and coming ... you'd have laughed me in the face, wouldn't you ? The reality today however is simple: Build a high-end PC, with for example an NVIDIA 680I based mainboard, throw in some spiffy high-frequency memory, take a nice Core 2 Duo or Quad CPU and two lovely 8800 GTX graphics cards in SLI.

Now if we were to overclock that system even a little, we'd be breaking half a Kilowatt already. Luckily the industry is slowly catching up on power consumption so we all can expect a stagnation, but the reality is simple; if you want enough headroom for the future, you overclock and use high-end components, a Kilowatt PSU isn't that strange to consider anymore. It'll give you a lot of leverage and stability as you know for sure that the system can cope with power distribution in every possible segment.

This is where we land at the premises of Listan. We reviewed a couple of their power supplies in the past already, and together with Enermax, PC Power and Cooling (OCZ) I believe the BeQuiet brand is on top of everything, and then there's the rest. Never ever has a Listan BeQuiet power supply disappointed me, and neither will it today as this PSU is downright sexy.

See, next to the hefty 1000 Watt rating this power supply is offering you, it's also offering you a spectacular load of features that are unprecedented. Not just the features are really cool, the aesthetics are also fabulous. This for example, is a standard ATX sized PSU, not too long, it has a shiny coating. Besides the fact that is looks nice, it comes with cable management. By organizing cables and by giving you the option to actually modify the wires you want to use. Not just wires though, nope, nicely black coated wires with each connector wrapped in a black colored foil/plastic. The amount of detail is intense.

The new DXX (8-pin) connectors for the latest batch of graphics cards? Present.

The Dark Power Pro is an 1000 Watt PSU which places it in the high-end segment. A PSU which, although not certified, is 100% SLI and Crossfire ready. Even Quad SLI, as it has four dedicated PCI-Express connectors, which combined can carry a total of 75 Amp's, and according to the box, the PSU 12 volts rails may peak to 20 AMPs per 12V rail.

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Listan BeQuiet Dark power Pro 1000 Watt PSU review

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