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Specifications & Features

Specifications & Features

Crucial launched the new Crucial BX500 SSD series, a value offering. They will offer a 120, 240 and 480 GB version with writes in the 500 MB/sec and reads at the 540 MB/sec marker, for all volume sizes. Considering it is a silent launch the details are very scarce, the drives will be TLC based (not QLC) with an SLC cache but likely to cut away cost, do not have a DRAM buffer. So this has written even more value over it. Prices then; 29 bucks for the 120 GB model, 49 bucks for the 240 GB model and for 89 USD you can grab the 500 GB model. Crucial will start shipping these SSDs August 31st.

-- Crucial -- 

Crucial, a leading global brand of memory and storage upgrades, announced today the availability of the Crucial® BX500 SSD, a next-generation drive designed to provide everyday computing users with a fast and reliable storage upgrade. Available in a 2.5-inch form factor and 120GB, 240GB, and 480GB capacities, the BX500 is the easiest way to get all the speed of a new computer without the price.

Improve performance
With sequential read/write speeds up to 540/500 MB/s, the new BX500 enables faster system boot up, faster file loads, and overall improved system responsiveness. The BX500 has no moving parts, making it a cooler, quieter, and more reliable alternative to a hard drive. Furthermore, because it uses less power than a hard drive, laptop battery life is extended.

Easy installation and support. 

The Crucial SSD Install Guide provides easy-to-follow steps and videos for stress-free installation, and the Acronis® True Image™ HD software helps to migrate data quickly and easily. The Crucial® Storage Executive software tool allows users to see how much storage (GB) has been used, download the latest firmware, and improve drive performance. Additionally, the BX500 is backed by award-winning, in-language support via phone, chat, email, and community forum.

Advanced features. 

The BX500 offers a range of additional benefits, including:

  • Data loss protection via the Multistep Data Integrity Algorithm.
  • Protection from overheating via Adaptive Thermal Monitoring tools.
  • Faster writes via Dynamic Write Acceleration technology.

“It’s time for computer users to make the transition from hard drives to solid state technology,” said Teresa Kelley, VP & GM, Micron Consumer Products Group. “SSD technology is becoming more mainstream than ever, and for those who are ready to make the switch to solid state, the Crucial BX500 offers performance and reliability at a competitive price from a brand consumers have grown to trust.” 

Part Number
Sequential Read MB/s
Sequential Write MB/s













Endurance then, as defined by the laws of math, physics, binary and metrics, it will vary per volume size, but Crucial is rating it as follows. Endurance in Terabytes Written are:

  • 480GB (120 TBW)
  • 240GB (80 TBW)
  • 120GB (40 TBW)

So with our 480 model, we could, in theory, write 20 GB each day and per day for five years. Considering an avid end-user that heavily uses its SSD writes roughly 15 to 20 GB per day, you can do the math with me:

20GB x 365 days = 7.3 TB per year. With the 480 version, 120 TBW : 7.3 TB = 16.4 Years ....  That's an SSD anno 2018 lads & gents. Obviously and please do take note of this, TBW values are higher and better with larger volume sizes as there are more cells available the SSD can recuperate from.

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