Creative Labs I-Trigue 3300 Speakers

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Creative Labs I-Trigue 3300 review - Introduction


 Product: I-Trigue 3300 2.1 speakers Manufacturer: Creative Labs
 MSRP: 125

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It's not our habit to review speaker set's too often. But Creative Labs recently released the I-Trigue 3300 and well .. I was at the least intrigued by this speaker-set. It's not a mumbo jumbo 5.1, or 6.1 channel speaker set or extremely powerful loudspeaker set. No it's a small, high-end yet very stylish looking 2.1 speaker set which consists out of a nice sub-woofer and two very cute looking satellite speakers that our made out of stylish titanium. Each satellite is finished in a decent, die-cast alloy body that houses three high-precision titanium drivers, which should deliver you clarity and more accurate audio delivery than aluminum drivers.

The subwoofer features a 6.5-inch long-throw driver and dual flared port tube to ensure a cleaner and more powerful bass. It also equipped with a remote, unfortunately it's wired though, but it features, volume, bass and hey .. even a headphone socket.

The I-Trigue basically is interesting for the person that likes to listen to MP3, CD's and play a nice game on their PC. of course you can hook it in to your MP3 player, CD or MiniDisc player also.

Product overview

  • 9 Watts RMS per satellite, 25 Watts RMS subwoofer
  • Each speaker designed with three high-precision titanium drivers to deliver more sonic accuracy than speakers with aluminum drivers
  • Ultra sleek speaker design with removable grilles. Looks stunning on the desktop, complements flat panel monitors and notebooks
  • Attractive solid die-cast alloy adds a modern touch to any desktop and ensures speaker stability
  • Best frequency response in the class from 30Hz-20kHz for a clean range of lows, mids and highs
  • Powerful 25-Watt RMS subwoofer features a 6.5-inch long-throw driver for room-shaking bass, and a dual flared port tube for greater detail
  • Matching wired remote with power, volume and bass controls plus headphone jack


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