Corsair iCUE 465X review

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Final Words & Conclusion

Final Words & Conclusion

It’s time for the conclusion. The iCUE 465X is a chassis with the iCUE implementation (so really good for the users of other Corsair gear). You'll find three included RGB fans which provide good airflow and they're relatively silent. The build quality is very decent, you shouldn't have any complaints about this matter. There is an option to install up to 3 radiators at the same time (360 + 240 + 120 mm). There are some drawbacks like ordinary screws for the PCIe components, no fan included on the back vent (which wasn't an issue in the test system as the LCS for GPU has taken that place). We should also mention about lack of removable PSU tray and removable top radiator tray which does simplify the installation process and shorten it.

The Corsair ICUE 465X RGB is a nice and good-looking chassis. The interior of the ICUE 465X RGB is practical, without compromise, offering lots of airflow and vast liquid cooling potential, enough hard-drive storage space, and GPU expandability. You can fit graphics cards up to 360 mm and PSUs 180 mm (so even units with 1000W power), and the 170 mm limit for the CPU cooler is enough. People tend to install AIOs rather than air coolers in RGB chassis, but still, it's good to have the possibility to install the high-end air coolers. The 465X RGB offers nice storage capabilities, with four internal 2.5” drives, and two 3/5”2.5” SSD mounting points. You can fit up to a 360 mm radiator in the front, and a 240 mm one at the top. The cable management system on the underside of the motherboard tray is above the average. The tray itself has several openings with rubber grommets, and dust filters are included as well – placed on the top, the front (magnetic), and in the bottom (for the PSU).  You receive three RGB fans here behind the front panel, but unfortunately, there’s nothing in the back.


The Verdict

Currently, the Corsair 465X RGB is available at $149.99/£109.99/€124.90. So yeah, it’s not a cheap chassis, but you need to consider that the three included 120 mm RGB fans alone would cost 75 USD if purchased separately already. So, you get all the rest (including the slightly simplified RGB controller) for 75 USD. That does sound like a good deal overall. It’s a case with clean build aesthetics, convenient drive mounts, and sufficient space for modern gaming hardware, and that speaks for itself. The amount of space available for the CPU cooler is just right/enough (170 mm). As for the rest, the necessary equipment is there, with USB 3.0, a compartmentalized layout, several dust filters (including one for the PSU), and three 120 mm RGB fans. The two-chamber system and factory cooling performance are nice. It’s also good on the acoustic side. To sum it all up, the 465X RGB deserves the “Recommended” award.


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