Corsair HS55 Wireless Core Headset review

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Corsair HS55 Wireless Core Headset

Corsair has a broad range of PC components and peripherals. Among them, headsets are also available, and the range starts from the budget-oriented HS series (the reviewed one is one of them), then there’s the mid-range Void series, which ends with high-end Virtuoso. Getting back to the HS series, it starts with HS35, and till now, it also contained HS45, HS50, HS55, HS60, HS65, HS70, HS75, and HS80 (some of them had different variants). We’re checking out the all-new Corsair HS55 Wireless Core in this review. Its debut is on the 20th  of September, 2022. So now, as you can see, the HS series starts at 45 and then increases by five until it ends at 80. Based on that, we can assume that the reviewed model is in the lower range of the series. What makes it different than the other ones? Besides the HS70, HS75, and HS80, none of the others were available in the wireless version. The wireless functionality is nothing extraordinary, but it’s an excellent addition, as you can effortlessly switch between low-latency 2.4GHz wireless or Bluetooth® 5.2. A robust signal covers you from the desktop to the couch with up to 50 ft (17 meters) of wireless range. The battery life should be up to 24 hours, which sounds reasonable. In just 15 minutes of charging, you can game for up to 6 hours. What are the additional features here? The HS55 Wireless Core is built to last with lightweight (266g) and durable materials, plus (leatherette) memory foam ear pads designed for maximum comfort and hours of stress-free gaming.


The omni-directional microphone on the HS55 WIRELESS CORE should provide a wide dynamic range and superb vocal clarity, with a flip-to-mute function. That means your voice should sound more precise/accurate/natural when communicating with your friends and teammates. The easy-access on-ear audio control enables on-the-fly adjustments without distracting you from your game, including control over sidetone and EQ preset audio settings. Inside the HS55 Wireless Core, you can find 50 mm custom-tuned neodymium audio drivers that should deliver excellent sound with the range needed to hear everything on the battlefield, including Tempest 3D Audio support on PS5. The mic is omnidirectional and has convenient flip-to-mute functionality. The frequency range of the headset is between 20 Hz and 20,000 Hz.


The Corsair HS55 Wireless Core is compatible with the iCUE software, which means that there is possible to control sidetone and RGB lighting synchronization with other compatible CORSAIR devices. This headset is priced at 99.99 USD/119.99 EUR. The product carries a 2-year warranty. Well, let’s hit the next page.

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