Corsair H115i RGB Pro XT liquid cooler review

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Final Words & Conclusion


The reviewed Corsair H115i RGB Pro XT offers good performance and handled even an overclocked Core i9 9900K processor at 5.0 GHz with increased voltage. The noise levels were better than average. You also need to remember that when the coolant temperature is below 40 degrees, then the Zero RPM feature activates. This makes your fans stop spinning, and creates nice co-operation with semi-fanless GPUs and PSUs. One of this Corsair’s selling points is RGB lighting. It’s configurable “only” on the pump, not the fans, but still, the option to individually pick the color of each of the 16 LEDs is tempting. You need to use iCUE software for this, where you can also control and monitor fan and pump RPM. As for the fans, you get the 140 mm M(agnetic) L(evitation) ones here. The range of RPMs is impressive. You can set it as low as 400 (inaudible), up to 2000 (well, that’s a lot of noise). If you set a good curve (or select an appropriate pre-defined setup), you won’t be disappointed with the results. Another thing that we liked better than in the original Pro version is the all-black design of the pump. It’s more universal for different builds. You can’t shy away from the five years warranty either, right?



The wiring of the Corsair H115i RGB Pro XT is rather complex and will need some cable routing skills to hide them. To get full control, you need to plug in the 4-pin PWM, SATA, and USB cables. The unit is factory-filled with coolant in a closed-loop (no maintenance needed), so all you have to do is attach the backplate (when installing on s.115x) and the standoff-screws, position the cooler, and secure it. In total, it shouldn’t take more than ten minutes and is quite straightforward. The braided sleeving improves the look of the tubes.



The Verdict

The Corsair H115i RGB PRO XT is available at an MSRP of 139.99 USD. Simply put that is a good price for the provided cooling and relatively low noise performance. The all-black design of the pump is attractive and elegant and should suit most PC builds. The radiator has a nice silver accent (Corsair logo), so it doesn’t look totally plain. Of course, you get RGB functionality here, but only on the pump, the ML140 fans have no lighting. Speaking of RGB, you control it via iCUE, so you can also synchronize the effects with other Corsair gear, which is great. The installation process went quite smoothly, but the screws come really tight into the radiator, you'd need a significant amount of force for that. So, summing it all up the Corsair H115i RGB PRO XT deserves our “Recommended” award: for very good performance and acoustics, (relatively) easy installation, good pricing, and that very generous, five-year warranty.

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