Corsair Gaming M65 RGB game mouse review

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Final words and conclusion

Final words and conclusion

Any decent gaming mouse these days itself really is not an evolutionary upgrade or anything, we however do feel that the M65 offers a little extra TLC. The thumb sniping button, the RGB lighting, the rugged feel, the aluminum housing, the weight system, the braided cable. Yeah it's all really good TBH. Corsair wanted to do things a little different this time, and added that RGB functionality and Sniper button. And these are fun additions alright. 

Is it any good? 

The overall feel of the mouse is good as well as it is comfortable, I do think that people with slightly above average large hands will like the mouse really well as it is a hint bulky. No biggy if you have small hands, but it is something I noticed a couple of times. The hardware of the mouse is excellent, the design of the mouse is good and comfortable, and you get a mouse with mucho software options, enough buttons that are programmable, it has cool looks and even has an adjustable weight system. We did not experience lag or input issues. The mouse is connected with one USB cable, braided and is roughly a 2m cord.



Overall it just is very good build quality, we get to have the 8200 DPI laser engine, multiple macro profiles selectable by a button, hardware DPI selection and really that lovely Sniper button. The mouse does not feel cheap and is simply downright comfortable to use. The buttons have a good feedback when pressed and also offer very good response.



For its purpose; gaming, the mouse is incredibly responsive and accurate. Next to that it is highly programmable and has a nice fit in my hands. For some, the mouse might be a hint heavy but thanks to the removable weights we can eliminate that problem as well. The Corsair Gaming M65 RGB mouse is available in black and a white edition. For those that dislike the new logo, you can purchase the regular Vengeance models as well, these have the traditional Corsair logo. These mice are in stores as we speak. Expect the prices to hover at roughly 70 EUR / 70 USD. For that money you receive a very complete and well designed gaming mouse with an evolving software suite that goes along with it.

Overall the M65 is one of the best gaming mouses we have ever used. The software might be a little intricate to grasp, but once you get used to that, all lights are green. Snipe away my man, you are really going to like this one. Recommended by

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