Corsair Gaming K70 RGB keyboard review

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Corsair Gaming K70 RGB Mechanical Keyboard

All hail Megatron Corsair Gaming!, ahw yea .. you better get used to the naming. Corsair Gaming is replacing Vengeance. Corsair Gaming is a new division within Corsair that reflects their movement from being labeled as pure 'PC Hardware manufacturer' towards a more PC Gaming style brand. Corsair obviously has been catering PC gamers for years now, and as such it makes sense to differentiate a little. The Corsair brand will continue for most goods however, Corsair Gaming will now cover our high-end performance peripherals, starting with K70 RGB. 

As Corsair opens up a new chapter with the new Corsair Gaming label they now release the intensely cool RGB programmable and per key configurable K70 RGB Cherry MX tech based mechanical keyboard. The K70 RGB is the successor of the REGULAR K70 in terms of the overall basis and concept, but it adds this all new feature, RGB lighting per key configurable with full RGB LED lit keys that can be animated and profiles, next to that these mechy keys also have trick or two encompassed in the new design as well. I mean this thing is powered by an ARM based processor for crying out loud :)

It's not just all about the RGB LEDs and cool lighting animations of course, the keyboard comes in black anodized aluminum, and it just looks incredible. Though I'll immediately acknowledge that taste is a very subjective thing. Still have a look at what Corsair Gaming offers with the K70 RGB gaming keyboard brings a smile to my face, especially since it now has full RGB LED lit keys. So from an aesthetics view, Corsair just gets it.The K70 is intended to replace the K60 from Corsair and is a mechanical FPS gaming keyboard. It received some criticism on the K60, so that was changed for the previous model K70, every key is mechanical, using Cherry MX Red key-switches. So yes, the K70 is 100% mechanical with per-key adjustable back-lighting, using RGB LEDs, so that you can customize which keys are lit, according to the game you’re playing. As you'll be able to see, the K70 RGB comes with a detachable full-sized wrist rest as well, in fact it is quite similar to the one used on the K90. The specs overall remain the same, including a 1000Hz polling rate, 100% anti-ghosting, and the media keys and USB pass-through on the rear remain too.  The K70 RGB is a full n-key rollover keyboard. A funny addition to the K70 is a four way BIOS switch located at the backside of the keyboard. It allows you to reduce the polling rate from 1000Hz to 500, 250 or 125Hz, or even strip it back to a basic BIOS mode. Corsair states that this is basically just to aid compatibility with some BIOSes. So in general very few people will ever need to touch the switch. For the Corsair Gaming K70 RGB you can choose from red, blue and brown Cherry MX keys for your preferred key pressure preferences, a product that will be priced at 169 USD (MSRP). Will it be worth it ?

Let's have a peek at that first ... and then browse our way into the review, in a colorful style.


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