Corsair CX600M PSU review

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The modular design is nice for a PSU in the price-class. There are a handful of connections you can use. The benefit of a modular cable design obviously allows you to use only the cables that you really need. Keeping things tidy and clean inside that PC. Don't expect heaps of connectors though.


And yeah as you can see, a product with fairly small length with its 14 cm - it's complete dimensions are (L); 150mm(W) x 86mm(H) x 140mm(L).  Corsair provides four additional connections that include two 6+2-pin PCIe (up to 750mm), six SATA (up to 745mm) and four Molex (up to 745mm) and yes, they do still exsist, a floppy-driver power cable.  I betcha that some of the readers will not even know what a floppy drive is anno 2013 -- Gosh I'm getting old ! :)

At the top you'll stumble into the obligatory fan -- it's definitely silent enough, this is a 120mm sleeve-bearing fan from Yate Loon. A surprizingly silent fan. Noise levels still remain low even when fan speeds starts at high load. When we closed in at 500 Watt load we could barely hear it.

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