Cooler Master Silent Pro Hybrid 850 Watt PSU review

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Final Words & Conclusion


Final Words & Conclusion

We think the Silent Pro Hybrid series is very good and very diverse. First of being called the Silent Pro Hybrid does its name justice, you can barely hear the product in its default configuration. Up-to 200 Watt (idle PC / work usage) the fan won't even spin up. Once we placed 700+ Watt load on it, it made a bit of airflow noise, but barely really ... combine that with the included fan controller and the product nears perfection when it comes to noise levels. So that's a huge plus.

Efficiency then, being a Gold certified product means it's the second best product rating in terms of efficiency.  At 50% load you'll see 90% efficiency. We looked and compared the product from different load angles and where satisfied with what we saw. In fact, the Silent Pro Hybrid is very close to platinum levels when you are on 220~230V, for 100V users efficiency appears to be a little lower at standard gold levels. What's impressive is that after 40% at 230V load up-to 90% load the overall efficiency seems to remains very consistent on the high end of the spectrum. When we had 700+ Watt load on the product, it still was very close to Platinum levels with a 10~20W differential at best.

The product as promised comes with downright good stability and with a modular design. Next to that the traditional single 12 Volts rail has been included (which we like) and granted, it comes with much good dark looks (though very similar to the Silent Pro Gold).

CM Silent Pro hybrid

So efficiency wise in the EU on 230V the PSU delivers as promised, no remarks there. Mind you that a PSU is the most efficient at 50% load. So we always like to recommend that IF your choice is being greener and more power efficient (which saves money on the electricity bill as well), then we recommend you to calculate your average load, and double that up PSU wise.

Some love yet some frown upon the lack of modular cables. Personally I adore modular cables on power supplies as you get to use the cables that you need. So there's no spaghetti swarm of cabling inside the PSU killing the cool looks. Then again, a lot of people have a closed PC, so you can see that spaghetti of wires either.

Connectors wise there's a _very_ decent choice available all of them with good length as well. The PSU is covered by a very nice five year warranty (carry-in), so that definitely brings some additional value to to table.

So let me round it up. The Silent pro hybrid is a proper build power supply, with gold standard and certified efficiency. The included fan controller gives the product a little more niche whether or not you actually have use for it remains to bee seen. Any decent motherboard can regular fans from within the BIOS really but perhaps I'm being overly critical here, my concern is that the controller will drive the price up a bit too far.

We love the big 12V rails, the exceptional build quality and appreciate the fact that this PSU is very stable as a result of that. The product is marked as Silent Pro Hybrid, and Silent is certainly is. Your PSU fan won't even spin up up-to 200W, after which it gradually goes up in rotation yet will remain to be quiet.

It's a good quality PSU with decent 80+ Gold efficiency. The modular design works out great and the detachable cables and connectors have been done exceptionally well in terms of style, color and length. We dig the big single 12V rails as well, yeah we can really recommended this power supply. But it will not be cheap though, this 850W model is tagged at $199.99 (150), and within that price bracket there's just a whole lot of competition fighting for your money. Recommended.

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