Cooler Master MK850 keyboard review

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Once connected and the PC powered on, the board defaults to the Cooler Master house color, purple on the RGB keyboard back-lit keys. These can easily can be adjusted in brightness modes, colors and off and animations. Cooler Master has been working on their software suite that accompanies this keyboard, Portal. The MK850 polling rate is 1,000Hz btw.


There's not much going on at the back side. The keyboard has a firm grip due to the combo of nice weight and rubber feet. You can use two rear standoffs as well to allow a little more height and create an angled position. The keyboard weighs in at just over a kg, it has a firm grip on your desktop. The wrist rest can be attached by just positioning it into place, it locks with magnets. 



The MK850 uses a dark and very nicely braided cable that is 1.8 meters in length. It is a bit thick, something I personally dislike a little but other than that I am nitpicking really.




You connect the detachable cable with a USB Type-C connector which can be routed to the left, right and rear via indentations and channels to help with desk tidying. The keyboard is USB 3.0 and offers two extra dual USB 3.0 pass-through ports for other peripherals or storage devices. 



I am not a big fan of huge logos and, as such, I like how subtle Cooler Master has been dealing with that. There's just one key (function key) with the logo outline, really unobtrusive. Well done. 




The wrist rest is one of the better ones I have used, soft, padded and comfortable are the three keywords that come into play. However, it does smudge pretty fast, but then again is easy enough to clean. Very comfortable and sits well as the bottom side has anti-slip rubber strips.

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