Cooler Master CM 690 II Advanced Black and White review

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Cooler Master 690 II Advanced B and W

Right then, here we have the CM 690 II Advanced in its packaging. The advanced B&W model comes with the top HDD bay which we'll show you in a minute. If you purchase the regular version, you will forfeit on that feature.

Cooler Master 690 II Advanced B and W

The packaging is done carefully, the chassis is packaged in a plastic bag and sits safely in Styrofoam, very safe for transportation. The box was damaged a little, the chassis itself did not have a dent on it.

Cooler Master 690 II Advanced B and W

Here we have the chassis unpacked. The CM 690 II Advanced. A mid-tower chassis with a plethora of options and features. The overall design is kept simple and slick.

All the way through A to Z a black and white coating and, on the inside, black inserts.

At the frontside the bezel is a combination of metal and plastic, pleasing to the eyes alright. The bay covers are meshed for better ventilation, featuring air filters. In fact all meshes have dust/airfilters.

All the way below we can find a front 140mm fan on the front panel (1,200 rpm, 19 dBA, which emits a white light when turned on with an on/off switch for the LEDs. It is the primary air intake and blows external air directly over the HDDs. Once we take off the bezel we'll show you that more deeply.

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