Computex 2010 - Day 5 - Babes of Computex

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Computex 2010 Day 5 - The Babes of Computex 2010

Computex 2010It's silly, it's shameless, it's not at all related to journalism I know and you know what, it's not professional or even friendly towards women. But but any guy will agree with me, it's in our genes and as such I call a wildcard on this. We men just can't help it. Welcome to an article without a lot words, it's just women... the booth babes of Computex 2010.

With much pleasure we have compiled this journalistic, properly written and very articulate piece of journalism. On behalf of mankind and men in particular, dear girls you will be missed and we thank you very much.

Before we begin, a couple of notes. This year we used some pretty hefty camera equipment for 'product' photography. As such I wanted to show you a higher level of photos. This increases the file size very much and since we need to keep bandwidth a little under control I had to limit each page to three or four photos as we have roughly fifty photos to cover.

Enjoy :)


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