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Page 4 - PVR Settings

The PVR Driver properties


Before we start using the VideoMate we need to make sure everything is setup correctly. Startup the PVR software and hit the first properties tab called 'Channel' If you haven't done so select whether you are on an antenna or cable and then hit 'Autoscan' Within a minute all channels available will be selected. Unfortunately the software does not recognize channel names and an easy way to sort the channel list just not yet. Compro will improve that in a future update.


The next tab is critical for your TV settings, select your region here as explained before. Also here you can adjust image quality a little with settings like Brightness, Hue, Contrast etc.


A very important setting tab is Recording. Make sure that you point the path to your largest and preferable fast harddrive to ensure long recording times. Here you can also select with what kind of quality you'd like to record. The better the more diskspace you'll need of course. Luckily HD's are cheap these days.


You will get a wide variety in compression options yet only MPEG1 and MPEG2. What Compro needs to focus on is support for real-time MPEG4 encoding codec's like DiVX and XVID. Again we'll likely see such important features in a future upgrade of the PVR software.


TimeShifting, what a nice feature. Have you ever been watching a Formula 1 race and BLAM (going XIII here) .. an accident. Of course you want to repeat and playback that moment in time but you can't as you are watching live TV. This is where time shifting comes in, the VideoMate is recording the race live and when something happened that you want to see in a replay you just simply move a slider and seek/playback that moment.


Last properties page, not too important, here you can select your video and audio devices. Should you have more audio or capture devices in your system, here you can select them. Also a wide range of driver info can be found here.

Well, you've seen the drivers, let's have a look at the actual product in our photo shoot, that's right you'll be seeing this thing in the nude, yeah baby ! I should leave the Austin Power one liners for what they are ey ?

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