Call Of Duty Black Ops II VGA Graphics performance review

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DirectX 11 class graphics card performance

DirectX 11 class graphics card performance


So we start off with a monitor resolution of 1280x1024 - again all tests have DX11 / Ultra Quality mode with 4xMSAA / FXAA  enabled. Our scores are average framerates so you need to take a margin in mind for lower FPS at all times. As such we say 40 FPS for this game should be your minimum, while 60 FPS (frames per second) can be considered optimal.

That means your starting point at this resolution, 1280x1024, a Radeon HD 7770 would be fine. NVIDIA wise you are looking at a GeForce GTX 650 as minimum.

But does anybody on a modern age PC really play games at this very low resolution? Hell no, let's move onwards.


In more civilized 1600x1200'ish (1680x1050) monitor resolutions you'll notice that the numbers are already start crumbling down a bit. Keep that 40 FPS minimum in mind as you want a little reserve. A GeForce GTX 650 even would be quite optimal for the money in this resolution but we really like that GTX 660. On AMD's side the Radeon HD 7770 is still going really strong. 

Call of Duty black Ops II might be a DX11 title, but it is very low on GPU utlization. 

Note - For those that wonder where the Multi-GPU cards like Radeon HD 6990 and GeForce GTX 690 are ? Both these cards had issues and dropped down to single GPU mode.

Once drivers are compatible we'll update the multi-GPU parts in these charts. ** Update -- drivers are in, GeForce GTX 690 and RadeoN HD 6990 added.

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