BFG 1000 Watt Power Supply review

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BFG 1000 Watt Power Supply

BFG 1000 Watt Power Supply (BFGR1000WPSU)
Pricerange: 275 EUR/USD
Info: BFGtech

Kilowatt, kilowatt, kilowatt, kilowatt, kilowatt, kilowatt, kilowatt, kilowatt, kilowatt ! Oh hey everybody ! You know I have this simple rule that whenever something is really out of the ordinary I keep repeating the word or name over and over again. See, if you say Kilowatt often enough it becomes normal. And fact is there's nothing normal about Kilowatt power supplies, but we are accepting it slowly aren't we ?

A year ago you and me, when we first heard about Kilowatt PSU's, we went 'what the heck' !! What on earth needs so much current? While right now everybody that is building a high-end PC will at the very least think about opting for a hefty PSU.

My point is it's not so extraordinary anymore is it ? I mean AMD-ATI is releasing a top-model graphics card that consumes 280 Watts (peak) alone, try to imagine that in a Crossfire setup, that's right man 560 Watt only for the graphics cards. So what is it with the need for Kilowatt+ power supplies .. ? I mean a year ago 1KW was unthinkable, yet there's this weird trend in the IT industry that I call the Dual and Quad variable and it definitely changed the way our PCs consume power.

The technology industry went towards dual-everything. Dual Core and Quad core CPUs, multiple CPU's per mainboard with dual-channel (two or four sticks) memory, dual and quad graphics core based graphics cards connected to your dual monitors or even three monitors not to mention your new RAID 0 HD configuration with two HD's right ?

So what's keeping all these internal PC components running and stable ? Yep it's your power supply unit, a very if not the most underestimated piece of hardware in your PC. So today a new 1000+ Watt power supply review is being published, and we test a lot of PSU's these days, just to make sure that you guys buy the right stuff. Never underestimate the importance of the PSU.

The PSU we will be testing today is a truly heavily built SLI/Crossfire ready piece of gear. In fact it's quad everything ready.

Despite being a Kilowatt PSU it's graceful as it's small in size (ATX) and will provide you with everything you need to create a stable environment for the uber-rig of yours. An investment that'll last a long time as with this PSU your hardware can keep up with you for a long, long time. Hey you don't want to buy a new PSU every two years in this price range, believe me.

The real fun thing is that when I say BFG you guys thing either "Big F***ing Gun" or "I have a BFG graphics card!". Correctemundo, BFG recently entered the PSU market and are now selling SLI certified power supplies ranging from 530 towards a 1000 Watts model.

The PSU we'll put to the test today has power written all over it, literally and figuratively speaking; obviously. This BFG BFGR1000WPSU model comes with a fantastic 1000 Watts capacity.  It's what we call a serious high-end PSU which is ready for SLI, Crossfire and quad SLI as it has four separate 12 volts rails rated at 20 AMPs each. Considering that the most modern graphics card to date consumes 10 AMPs per GPU, you are covered for current technology.
Let's startup the review and have a good look. In today's test we'll stress the PSU with a Core 2 Duo setup which we massively overclocked, equip it with two GeForce 8800 GTX cards which again we massively overclock and then see if the PSU remains stable ...

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BFG 1000 Watt Power Supply


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