be quiet! Silent Loop 2 280mm review

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be quiet! Silent Loop 2 (280mm)

be quiet! gave their Silent Loop All-in-One Liquid cooling kit series an overhaul, and with success, we can say. The Silent loop 2 performs well and remains very silent. An updated pump design, a notch of RGB, and a coolant loop that can be refilled. We test the 280mm rad size version with two Silent Wings 3 fans.  These liquid cooling kits are pre-fitted and based on a single loop, and ready to install straight out of the box. Armed with pretty nice looks and an engaging price, be quiet! offers an ambitious product in that massive LCS kit arena.

The Silent Loop 2 is an all-in-one liquid cooling solution for desktop PCs and is available in 120mm, 240mm, 280, and 360mm versions. The 280 kit that we test is a self-contained (AIO) CPU cooling unit based on liquid cooling. It does not require much setup installation. With a pump and radiator, ship pressure tested, pre-filled, and sealed directly from the factory to provide maintenance-free operation for years. This ease of use extends to its support of the latest Intel and AMD sockets, including the latest Intel LGA 1155/1156/1200/2011 and AMD AM3/AM4 sockets, but not threadripper. The series is equipped with a high-density water microchannel and copper-nickel plated mirror finish block to offer efficient thermal conduct along with an Aluminum fin to maximize its cooling performance. Fan replacement is available with the standard built-in mounting holes. 

New in the series is a notch of aRGB seated at the aluminum top of the pump unit. The lighting can be adjusted, either with a small included controller or via a 5 V ARGB header on the motherboard to sync it all up. On the inside of the nickel-plated copper cooling surface are more than 120 micro fins. These provide a very high surface area through which the absorbed heat is efficiently transferred to the cooling liquid circulating in the loop. For this purpose, the pump has an equally quiet and powerful 6-pole motor with three phases. An interesting thing that is quiet! did was to integrate an easily accessible refill port into the radiator. A bottle with the appropriate cooling fluid is also included in the scope of delivery. Be Quiet! is bundling the AIO kit with  Silent Wings 3 PWM-based fans. But let's head onward to the next page and startup the review.



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