be quiet! Shadow Rock SLIM 2 review

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be quiet! Shadow Rock Slim 2 review
Silent while properly cooling your processor

This time, we're looking at another be quiet! cooler. Shadow Rock Slim 2 is an improved version of the original Shadow Rock Slim, with an optimized mounting kit for quick and easy installation on all current Intel and AMD consumer sockets. Shadow Rock Slim 2 is comprised of four 6mm high-performance copper heat pipes with direct touch (HDT) to directly absorb CPU heat. The heatsink is paired with a 135mm be silent! PWM fan with nine airflow-optimized blades and rifle-bearing technology rated at 23.7 dB(A) at full fan speed. The Shadow Rock Slim 2 is a solution for consumers that need powerful yet silent cooling for compact systems or systems with tall RAM modules.

The second-generation upgrade to be silent!, which was released as a follow-up to 2016 original, includes a number of improvements that aim to improve both performance and usability overall. There are four 6mm copper heatpipes exposed at the base of the contact plate this time around, ensuring direct contact with the CPU for efficient heat transfer, and the installation has been easier this time around. Users who are familiar with the older model will notice that the mounting kit has been updated to reflect the latest technology. Because of the new mechanism, which favors a mounting bracket that slides over the base to connect the cooler to mounting brackets using a pair of screws, those finicky small screws are no longer necessary, according to be silent! It's a straightforward, trouble-free setup, and the same mechanism is now used on the majority of contemporary Shadow Rock coolers.

The Slim 2's primary purpose has not changed. This is still a mainstream performance air cooler that is meant to avoid fouling surrounding memory slots, and the cooling capacity stays in line with the rated 160W total design power. Tall memory modules should not be a problem, and a total weight of 690g should not be a significant burden. A brushed aluminum top cover and aluminum heat pipe caps add a touch of elegance to this premium cooler. Compared to its predecessor, Shadow Rock Slim 2 features an optimized mounting kit that makes for an easier installation and offers compatibility with all current Intel and AMD consumer sockets. It also allows the user to easily access their memory modules after installation in the PC case, making memory upgrades easy. Shadow Rock Slim 2 supports installing a second fan at the rear with the included fan clips. be quiet! offers a three-year manufacturer’s warranty on Shadow Rock Slim 2. Shadow Rock Slim 2 is available as we speak at a recommended retail price (MSRP) of $45.90 / €45.90 / £43.99.

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