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Product Showcase

Product Showcase


As always we begin with packaging. It's a simple yet informative thing to show as when you purchase a chassis, you probably do not want any defects or scratches on it. The product is packaged in cardboard.


Once you take the unit out of the cardboard box you'll notice two layers of polystyrene protecting the unit which, on its end, is covered in a plastic bag. So there it is, the chassis weighs roughly 8 kg.


The first impression, it looks good, I like the new gunmetal color option. The design is kept simple yet in line with what you expect in the year 2019, no bright lights and/or screamy logos - subtlety is a key factor. The design is easy on the eyes. That is a nice visual element right there. You can choose from gunmetal, black or white theme/style color as well. The vents come fitted with a dust filter and the actual panels have acoustic dampening materials applied.


When we flip the unit around we can see the side panel and back a little better. These are closed panels with sound dampening material applied to them. The panels can be removed with two thumbscrews. The size of the chassis is 450 x 231 x 463 mm (HxWxD). Two low RPM Pure Wings 2 900 fans are already included for the front (1 x be quiet! Pure Wings 2 |140mm 900rpm) and rear (1 x be quiet! Pure Wings 2 | 120mm 900 RPM). 


At the front side at the top right, we see the power on switch two USB 3.x and IC/Headphone connector. lacking is a fan controller.


At the front (black) and top, we see a vent. Good for top side exhaust ventilation, the nice thing is that it can be removed and replaced with an included mesh filter.  If you want to place a radiator there, it is possible to create more airflow (but at the cost of sound dampening). Below the top mesh, you can house a 120/240 radiator at the top, and albeit dense, a 360 at the front.

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